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Bandom 100 Table

Cobra Starship: Ryland/Alex
Bandom 100

001.Blue 002.Red 003.Black 004.White 005.Green
006.Grey 007.Orange 008.Khaki 009.Bronze 010.Gold
011.Silver 012.Thunder 013.Rain 014.Snow 015.Fire
016.Water 017.Air 018.Earth 019.Summer 020.Spring
021.Winter 022.Fall 023.Birthday 024.Anniversary 025.Wedding
026.Party 027.Children 028.Death 029.Hate 030.Love
031.Broken 032.Passion 033.Magic 034.Fixed 035.Family
036.Friends 037.Food 038.Drink 039.Schol 040.Work
041.Home 042.Holiday 043.Alcohol 044.Drugs 045.Doctor
046.Sick 047.Trust 048.Bed 049.Write 050.Draw
051.Lust 052.Envy 053.Humour 054.Angst 055.Pain
056.Health 057.Excited 058.Peaceful 059.Tired 060.Naughty
061.Nervous 062.Gloomy 063.Thoughtful 064.Calm 065.Romantic
066.Rainbow 067.Song 068.Music 069.Drama 070.Jealous
096.Writer‘s Choice.097.Writer‘s Choice.098.Writer‘s Choice.099.Writer‘s Choice.100.Writer‘s Choice.

(I know this is a repost for some of you, but I had to do one unlocked for the community I'm in.)
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I chatted with la madre, and it would seem I am definitely going to Canada in April to spend Spring Break with my lovaaaah. I just...there are no words to describe how friggin excited I am, and caps lock and exclamation points can't even do it justice. I love when you kid about something happening, and then it really happens. So, SO much.

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Okay, this is me stalling so I don't read the book I should be reading:

15 things I wish I could say to you.

1. List fifteen things you wish you could say to people but can't.

2. Don't say who they are.

3. Never discuss it again.

1. I think we might have had something, even if it was just for a day.
2. I love you so insanely much, but sometimes the things you say make me want to slap you.
3. I still haven't forgiven you completely.
4. I miss you. Everything would be so much better if you were still around.
5. I wasn't kidding either.
6. My world would be a better place if you lived nearby. Even in the same state.
7. I'm still in love with you, and I wish I could just let it go.
8. I miss Disney days, going to theme parks together and acting like little kids.
9. You're not the same person I admired in high school.
10. I'm not kidding when I say you're one of my best friends. You make my world a better place just by being in it, as ghey as that sounds.
11. I don't think I need you anymore.
12. It drives me nuts that you barely work for anything and you still lead this amazing, exciting life.
13. I really, truly wish you would find God. He loves you, and he's waiting for you. He'll always be right there, and I hope someday you see that.
14. You're my hero. I know things are tough for you, and life just doesn't seem fair, but the wit and patience you handle everything with make me proud to be related to you.
15. I miss being friends with you. I don't know why you changed like you did, but I miss the person you were.

Reading that back, it seems emo, lol. I didn't mean for it to be, I promise.

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My family at their Halloween party in NPR.
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Anyway, the party was fun. I was the only one not drinking, but not everyone was smashed and they were all the legal age, so whatev. Gave a boy my phone number, so yay.
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I got my noooose did, and I am happy I did so. I missed having it pierced. Anyway, here are picatures. It's still a little red and I look like death, but oh well.

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OH HAY! Comedy Central is showing Shaun of the Dead this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!